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how do you know when a fax us successfully sent on the l100

On the L100 phonefax, how do you know that a fax was sent successfully?

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Re: how do you know when a fax us successfully sent on the l100

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Hi Larry2,


There are a few ways to confirm if a fax has been sent successfully:


1. An error report is not printed.

2. You can check the Status Monitor for the last fax sent.

3. You can print a Communication Management Report.

4. You can program your fax machine to automatically print a confirmation report after each fax sent.

If you need to print a report for recent faxes sent, first make sure A4 or LTR sized paper is loaded:
Press REPORT, scroll to <PRINT REPORT LISTS>, [OK], scroll to <COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT REPORT>, [OK], [OK] that paper is loaded, [ < ] to highlight <YES>, [OK]; press REPORT to exit.

If you want a report to automatically print after sending a fax:
Press REPORT, scroll to <REPORT SETTINGS>, [OK], scroll to <COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT REPORT>, [OK], <Auto Print...>, <ON>, [OK]; press REPORT to exit.

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