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Error code 30 on brand new T3

I got my brand new T3 in the mail on February 11th. I turned it on, played with it, made sure it worked okay, and put it away. Three days later I took it out for the first time to start taking test shots and get used to the controls, as it's my first DSLR, and after taking a shot I get a screen that pops up saying "Error code 30" and it tells me to take the battery out and replace it or turn the camera on and off.


So I do this over and over, and every time I turn the camera off and back on it lets me take one picture then gives the error message. I write to Canon and I get an email back with suggestions to fix it, and instructions on how to send it in should it not work. At this point I have tried everything to fix it, and decide to just send it.


I set my camera aside for about a week after this waiting to ship it, and before I take it to FedEx I turn it on ONE MORE TIME to make sure, AND IT WORKS. No error message, it let me take about 200 pictures, had no issues whatsoever. So I'm thinking that maybe there was no issue or it was giving a false error.


A week after that I get it back out to test before going on a short vacation and it's ONCE AGAIN giving me an error message. This time, though, it's showing me the message and letting me press a button and the message goes away and I can continue shooting (still getting the message after every shot)  I have had this thing less than a month, and started getting the message after less than 50 pictures and only having turned it on two or three times.


Is there anything that I can do other than sending it in, and will it be covered under warranty since it was pretty much broke right out of the box? Any information on this subject would be extremely helpful. I'm lost!! Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Re: Error code 30 on brand new T3

First of all of would have returned it on day 3 for a new replacement. At this point, just send it in to Canon for repair unless you can still return it for a new replacement. The problem sounds intermittent and is not going away. Any specific advice from us on this forum would only be a guess since we don't have Camera in hand. Time for a repair or replacement.
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Re: Error code 30 on brand new T3

Hi MetalSqueak,


The "Err 30" error message means that an internal malfunction has occurred.  We recommend sending your camera in for evaluation and repair.


Warranty coverage is determined exclusively by the factory service center.  You may arrange a repair by clicking here.

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